The search is on for the best mortgage innovators in Australia

Every year, mortgage businesses experience unforeseen challenges that require teams to be resilient, strategic and flexible.

Technology is a key factor in helping companies to tackle and resolve most organisational problems and drive growth.

Australian Broker wants to know how businesses have triumphed by using the power of technology. The 5-Star Mortgage Innovators will feature organisations that successfully launched innovative and transformative projects that made an impact on their business this year. 

Mortgage companies wanting to participate may fill out this short online form. 5-Star Mortgage Innovators is open to all brokerages, lenders, aggregators and service providers in the Australian mortgage industry.

Inclusion in this annual ranking enables businesses to build their profile in the industry. Winners will be featured online and gain exclusive promotional opportunities to amplify their achievements across marketing channels.

The report is an industry benchmark for companies to see how their practices compare to their peers. The 5-Star Mortgage Innovators report will be published on the Australian Broker website and newsletter in March 2023.

Submit your nominations now. Entries close on Friday, December 9.