Choosing A White Glove Renovation Company

Moving house is daunting and hard work, but this is especially true when the new house needs work to remodel and make renovations so that it is somewhere you are happy with. In order to get the best results and the highest level of finish, you need to find a white glove renovation company in Freehold NJ. With the right people and careful planning and design, you can improve not just the appearance of your new home but also make it more modern, energy-efficient, spacious and practical. Boosting things like functionality can also help boost the property’s value and means a resale is also easier. 

Finding a reliable partner

The key to having a much more positive experience when you need work done on your home is to find a reliable partner, and that takes some time and research. A designer home renovation contractor in Colts Neck NJ or closer who shares your vision, who you trust and have built a rapport with, who you communicate with and they communicate back. When builder and client are on different pages it tends to lead to a project going wrong. A lot of the stress you get from this kind of work is from having a contractor who does not listen, won’t take your calls, always has excuses, and keeps pushing for more money in advance. Choose someone reliable for any project, large or small and you will get what you want from a builder you would use again.

Look at references and testimonials

Sometimes you will ask a possible contractor for references and they will put you off or say their clients prefer not to be bothered. Avoid choosing these contractors, most of the time the real reason is that they do not have clients who will say completely positive things. If they do give you references, call them. This is a perfect chance to learn about delays, costs, effort, timekeeping, tidiness, attitude, communication and so on. Do not be afraid to ask questions about any white glove renovation company in Freehold NJ. This is your home and your money so you should look at all the factors you can before you decide.

Communicate well when you hire

As mentioned, a key aspect of a good contractor is that they communicate well. This means more than a regular weekly call. It means communicating in a manner you prefer, on a deadline you both agree to, with real information about how things are going. It also means being good at listening to you when you have something to say. 


A lot of contractors offer more than just construction work, they also bring with them certain experts to boost their services such as licensed plumbers and electricians, insulation experts, a designer, an architect and so on. This can be a way to save money so you do not have to employ several different people, and it saves some time too. Talk to each designer home renovation contractor in Colts Neck NJ about what specialists they use.