Custom Car Cover: How Is It Different From Universal Cover And How To Buy One

A custom car cover is made especially for an individual car with a choice of colors and finishes. It offers all those benefits that one can expect from a universal car cover. 

What is the best cover for your car? Isn’t it a waterproof and weatherproof solution that fits your vehicle well? Although a universal car cover may protect your car, you must get a custom car cover. Why?

As the name suggests, a custom cover is made especially for an individual vehicle. For example, if you own a 2022 AUDI A6, there will be a cover designed for the car. It will be a custom cover that has been created to cover the latest AUDI A6 well. 

Difference Between a Custom Cover and a Universal Cover

A universal cover can be defined as a mass-produced cover that is expected to fit all vehicles. As it is capable of covering all types and sizes of vehicles, why do you choose a custom cover for your car?

Suppose you have a hatchback. A universal cover that can protect even an SUV will be a huge cover for your car. In normal weather conditions, the cover will effectively keep your vehicle protected. However, When the situation worsens, and there’s a wind blowing heavily, the cover may put your vehicle at risk. 

Let’s take another example. This time, assume that you are a proud owner of an RV. A universal cover that has been designed to protect cars cannot effectively cover your RV. Here’s when you require a custom cover for your vehicle.

A custom cover is designed to meet the specific requirements of a vehicle. It fits a vehicle perfectly because it is stitched differently to match the exact dimensions of a vehicle. For example, a custom car cover for a sedan will be different from a cover for an SUV. In fact, there are custom covers for all kinds of vehicles and their model numbers. 

Benefits of a Custom Car Cover 

As discussed, a custom cover is crafted as per a vehicle’s dimensions and specifications, such as antennas and its accessories. Apart from that, the cover is made from high-quality fabric that makes it a weatherproof and waterproof car cover to protect your car in all kinds of environmental conditions. 

In addition, when you get a quality car cover, you can protect your vehicle – whether it’s parked in a garage or in the open. 

How To Buy a Custom Car Cover

A custom cover is beneficial only when you buy it as per your vehicle, its dimensions, and its specifications. To ensure that you get the right custom cover for your car, here are a few things to consider:

  • Find a reliable manufacturer of custom car covers and accessories. Ensure there are custom covers for all types of vehicles and model numbers, including your car. 
  • Make sure the manufacturer makes covers using the top-quality fabric. The cover should be lightweight, weatherproof, waterproof, and UV-protected. All these features ensure that your vehicle is protected in all kinds of weather conditions. 
  • In addition to a high quality and waterproof car cover, the manufacturer must have services like free shipping, free return, and money back guarantee.

In The End

Remember, a universal cover may be an all-rounder option to cover all kinds of vehicles, but when it comes to the best protection, a custom cover is an option you should choose. It not only ensures that your vehicle is protected in all kinds of weather conditions but also makes sure that your car remains brand new.