Clesson Establishes MoU With South Korean Media Company CJ ENM

  • Clesson, Label Foundation’s operating company, establishes an MoU with CJ Entertainment & Media.
  • They have onboarded Hen, the composer of the original soundtrack for the Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) show “My Liberation Notes.”
  • Both companies are excited about the collaboration.

Earlier today, Label Foundation’s operating company Clesson announced that it has established an MoU with CJ Entertainment & Media (CJ ENM).

Label is a blockchain-based NFT platform, while CJ Entertainment & Media is one of the largest South Korean mass media companies. Clesson is a music education company in South Korea that hosts more than 200 Korea-based professional instructors and 25 top artists from seven major countries.

Clesson, the operating company of Label Foundation and Opentrack, which is at the forefront of Web 2 and Web 3.0 online music education will be collaborating with CJ ENM. Through this partnership, they aim to onboard O’PEN Music artists into Opentrack Music, hence bringing them into the ecosystem of LABEL Foundation.

The company representatives have told CoinQuora that they believe the partnership will open up the door for further positive synergistic growth for both partners through onboarding artists of CJ ENM O’PEN.

Reportedly, the strategic partnership will begin first with the production of an Opentrack Music Course taught by South Korean artist Hen. Opentrack will be responsible for the production and content of the MasterClass, while Hen will be responsible for sharing her creative songwriting process used for K-dramas and movies. This will include classes on creating a melody, choosing chord progression, and maintaining song quality.

“The CJ ENM network creates massive potential for developing MasterClasses with OPENTRACK and has opened up the discussion of further collaborations with the Label Foundation,” says a member of the team.

Notably, Hen is famous for creating music for the popular TV show “My Liberation Notes.” Hen has appeared in various music projects within South Korea but rose to popularity after having produced the original soundtrack for the show My Liberation Notes, which is available on Netflix.