Do You Want To Move To A Good Neighborhood? Check Your Street Party Jubilee

But could this summer’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations also provide insight into the best places to buy a home?

The race for space since the pandemic has meant an outflow of people from big cities to smaller towns and villages, the places where some of the biggest and best Jubilee celebrations take place over the special four-day weekend. days beginning June 2.

In fact, if community spirit is high on your list when you think about moving house, then the Jubilee party standard is worth a look.

Community Spirit: Topsham’s Longest Table Street Party for the Queen’s Jubilee

The Government says that more than 800 events of different kinds and 1,100 festivals are planned.

Many are modest in scale and are being organized by councils, but some of the most spectacular will be run by volunteers.

A good example is Topsham, just outside Exeter in Devon, where volunteers already run a museum, swimming pool, library and a number of successful community groups.

The 6,000-strong town will commemorate Her Majesty with a picnic, food festival and procession, and the weekend will culminate in a Longest Table street meal, where more than 2,400 people will celebrate with food and fizzy drinks at 5 p.m. 5th June.

“This is such a busy place that the Jubilee weekend is just one of many events. Every year there is an Open Gardens event, a 100-mile bike ride, a special Charter week celebrating the city’s history, and 25 clubs and associations.

Celebration: 1,100 street parties are being planned across the UK, says government

“This kind of community is what attracts buyers from other parts of the country; they love it,” says Chris Taylor, a partner at East of Exe estate agency in the city.

Topsham is not alone. In the Cotswolds, the pretty town of Broadway is also getting hot with a classic car show, an outdoor screening of a recording of the 1952 Coronation, plus a display of circus skills on the green.

“The town has a thriving community of varied interests that often attracts both visitors and new residents.

“Many events are held on the Lower Green, for example the Broadway Arts Festival, recognized as the leading arts festival in the Cotswolds and attracting visitors from far and wide,” says Richard Righton of the agency. hamptons real estate

Meanwhile, in Lincolnshire, the small town of Horncastle has marching bands, decorated floats, a Spitfire flight and a great British Sunday brunch – again, hosted by dedicated locals.

‘The pandemic has altered the concept of ‘community’. A lot of people have become good friends with neighbors who previously only exchanged a perfunctory greeting,” says Craig Fuller of Stacks Property Search, a buying agency.

‘Homeowners have created a space to sit in the front of their houses, villagers who don’t have a front garden will put a couple of chairs on the sidewalk. It is something very positive that comes out of a terrible moment.

This trend is one of the reasons why the biggest house price increases have been seen in Wales, up 14.2% in the last year, according to the Office for National Statistics, followed by Scotland with 11 .7%.

Within England, the regions that saw the biggest price increases over the past 12 months have been South West and East Anglia, both up 12.5 percent.

London and other urban areas where there has traditionally been less community cohesion have fared worse.

However, agents report that most people moving from cities have been notable for moving to larger towns and villages, usually not to extreme rural locations.

“Most people don’t want to be stuck on a branch in the middle of nowhere, they want a property located somewhere with a bit of life.

“I’m performing for some Americans who are moving to retire in England and want to be almost parachuted into a community,” says Robin Gould, director of Prime Purchase, a buying agency linked to Savills.

‘The first question buyers ask us is ‘what is the place like?’ It’s an old trend and it’s unlikely to change,” he adds.

So how can you judge an active community and explore the facilities before you take the plunge and purchase a home?

You can use the Internet by entering the location name in Google or checking which lists the community websites. If you are moving to London, local websites are listed at

Party time: Some of the planned Jubilee events include food festivals, processions, and screenings of the 1952 coronation.

Top tips from Phil Spencer

Meanwhile, TV property guru Phil Spencer, who runs the Move iQ website for people considering buying and selling, has four additional tips.

First, he says that if there is a local pub, community center or town hall close to where you plan to move, use it. “I’m sure you’ll find out what’s going on and what you can’t miss,” she says.

Second, it suggests becoming a tourist before you move. ‘Get a local map, put on your walking shoes and take a tour of your new area.’

Third, when you move, throw a housewarming party to meet the neighbors, and fourth, volunteer if you have time: “It’s a great way to support your community and quickly meet people.” local,” says Spencer.

Or you can wait for the Coronation Chicken fragrance to come to you from the best of those street parties in June; It’s likely to be a weekend to remember and a way to find Britain’s liveliest towns.

In the market… with parties planned

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Worcestershire: Dating from 1660, this Broadway house has five bedrooms plus a one-bedroom holiday flat and has good views of this Cotswolds village., 01386 210 184. £1.35 million

Lincolnshire – This partially converted watermill in Horncastle has one bedroom, comes with over an acre of land and has fantastic views across open fields., 0339 873 648. £425,000