Saving Money On Days Out, Supermarket Store And Free Birthday Treats

Five money savers: from earning £170 by switching current accounts to depositing 2-4-1 at hundreds of beautiful gardens across Britain

  • Every Friday we gather five tips to save or earn money
  • The cost of living crisis is biting hard – there are ways to potentially navigate it
  • This week includes free change cash and a £7.50 magazine that unlocks savings

By Lee Boyce for

PUBLISHED: 2:25 a.m. EDT, May 13, 2022 | UPDATED: 03:40 EDT, May 13, 2022

The cost of living contraction is biting hard. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t simple tips and tricks to help you navigate it.

Every Friday, we round up five tips we think are worth mentioning that can help you save money or make money amid skyrocketing inflation and skyrocketing bills.

This week, it’s offering free cash to switch checking accounts, clean up your clutter for cash, and buy a magazine that could unlock deep discounts for days of fun.

Cheapest ticket: The Gardener’s World magazine is £7.50 but comes with a 2-4-1 card at hundreds of gardens, including Kew.

1. HSBC offers £170 to switch

The battle to switch checking accounts continues, and HSBC now offers £170 if you use the Checking Account Exchange Service to open an advance or premier account.

I have used this service in the past and found it very easy. If something goes wrong, the bank has to fix it or compensate you.

This recently launched offer is now the best cash offer out there. You’ll need to set up two direct debits/standing orders, deposit £1,500 within 30 days, ensure you haven’t opened an HSBC/First Direct account since 2019 and, if eligible, receive the cash within 20 days.

2. A £7.50 magazine unlocks big savings

Once again this year, I bought the Gardener’s World magazine for £7.50.

Offers 2-4-1 inning in nearly 400 outfield across Britain until April 2023, including many household names such as Kew, Leeds Castle and Warwick Castle.

For example, two adult tickets to Leeds Castle would normally cost £64. With this deal, the cost drops to £32, more than you pay for the magazine outlay (which also comes with six packets of seeds).

It comes with a little membership card and a guidebook with a handy map of all the places where you can get discounts. My wife, daughter and I will be visiting at least six of these in the next 11 months, and it will probably save us £50 or more.

3. Sell your stuff

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I’m a big fan of tidying up the house, but making sure items are sold when possible or at least donate.

I like Facebook Marketplace because it’s free and easy. In the last 12 months I have sold £100 worth of second hand items, especially with a growing young child.

Here are some of my tips for using it:

Make it part of your day (such as accepting a sale only if you’re definitely going to be home, not waiting around), take good pictures, put the money from the sale in a separate bank or savings account, network online. the door, have a cardboard box full of the items you’re selling to stay on top of it, and remember, things you don’t think will sell often do (if the price is realistic).

4. Bargain supermarket products

application too good to go can bag you a neat stack of food for a few pounds, perfect if you have freezer space, a lot of produce nearing its expiration date, or if you’re good at creative batch cooking (which I come in handy with my arsenal of herbs and ready spices).

I’ve tried this app several times and this is what was in my last £3 purchase: eight sausages, double Gloucester cheese, diced chicken breast, wholemeal pittas, a yoghurt drink, a raspberry chia seed yoghurt, tangerines, ham and spinach.

I figured it would be around £15 worth of food. All edible, all eaten and I quite like the mystery bag element.

Giveaways: There are plenty of free birthday giveaways if you download a rewards app, including a slice of cake from Costa

5. Free birthday items

This week is my birthday and with it the opportunity to get free gifts from a variety of stores if you download their reward apps. Well, when I say free, you will have to give some of your personal information.

If you are willing to do so, you can get a free cookie from Lidlslice of cake Coastsweet gift of greggsfree donate from Krispie Kreme and a meaningless £5 voucher for Hotel Chocolate.

However, I wouldn’t recommend eating them all at once.