AVIGATION AI Collabs With AssetMantle to Revamp NFTs Via AI Integration

  • AVIGATION AI collabs with AssetMantle.
  • The goal of the partnership is to revolutionize NFTs through AI integration.
  • Executives of both parties commented on the new collaboration

AVIGATION AI, a company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) that identifies potentially viral content, has recently partnered with AssetMantle, an NFT platform for brands, creators, and collectors built on a robust community.

Through the collaboration, AVIGATION AI will use its trailblazing AI model to seek potentially viral content and convert it into mintable NFTs on AssetMantle. This unprecedented model will nurture and support NFT minting and sales channel management of brands across leading blockchains.

One of the more significant reasons for NFTs’ popularity is their accessibility, allowing anyone to participate in earning capital from investing in these tokenized assets.

The accessibility of NFTs comes down to the general subject matter of these tokens, often covering sports, television, movies, and other prominent aspects of pop culture. The convenience of these tokens, from a more practical point of view, stems from the ability to tokenize asset ownership, which can then be quickly and efficiently transferred to anyone.

Marrying these two technologies will bring the large market from NFTs, which is bordering on mass adoption, and expose it to AI, a form of technology that typically remains in the backend of software.

The Benefit of the Partnership

AVIGATION AI will use its wealth of knowledge and experience in AI modeling to discover the most valuable and mintable viral content across live streams in conjunction with their NFT storefront infrastructure. On the other side of the partnership, AssetMantle will allow the AI company to be an end-to-end provider for leading publishers, brands, and creators.

Deepanshu Tripathi, Founder and Product Lead of AssetMantle, stated: “This long-term collaboration between AssetMantle and AVIGATION AI blends state-of-the-art NFT features like fractional ownership, composability, decomposability, and interchain compatibility with AVIGATION AI’s proprietary AI model to commoditize trending and on-demand digital moments for NFT collectors and traders.”

Bhavani Ravi, CEO of AVIGATION AI, elaborated further on the value-added from combining these services:

Through this agreement, AVIGATION AI and AssetMantle have established a long-term relationship for the enablement and operations of blockchain and NFT-based commerce.” This partnership will change the web 3.0 game in terms of accelerating the ability to mint, publish, and enable commerce in hours, not weeks.

This partnership highlights the rapid growth and evolution of NFTs at scale, enabling brands, marketers, and individuals looking to quickly and efficiently share and promote their experiences through NFT marketplaces and the metaverse.