Tips To Have Many Subscribers On YouTube

Subscribers are engaged viewers of your YouTube channel and they get notified every time you post a new video on your account. Having plenty of subscribers means if you release a video, you get direct views and this boosts the popularity of your video. Subscribers are like your contact list that keeps viewing videos instantly the moment you release them. This means when you have a million subscribers, your video could have a million views within 24 hours after it is released. This is the best way to enhance your YouTube success online and people buy YouTube subscribers to make it. Here are tips to have the highest number of subscribers. 

Publish Playlists 

Nowadays it sounds boring to keep jumping from one video to another. People’s attention may even get diverted to your competitor channel so to be on the perfect side, make sure you publish long playlists. Playlists will make viewers keep watching your content and make sure they subscribe. The good thing with playlists is that once one video is over, the next comes automatically so people spend a lot of time online and they end up subscribing to enjoy more content. 

Always Publish Long Videos 

Long videos are like playlists and they also make people to be glued to your channel as they want to enjoy more entertainment. Short videos leave viewers in suspense and bored. Once rule with these long videos is that you must ensure you have the best content graphics, sound clarity, and a very entertaining storyline to make you enjoy. If you publish a long video that somehow is not good, you even make subscribers go away. Long videos are perfect if you have the best storyline and good content you will get more shares and likes as well as comments. Use good cameras, edit well and ensure you watch yourself to approve before you post. 

Always Interact with Viewers 


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Viewers are always commenting and liking but you do nothing. This will make many people leave your channel and follow others. When someone comments, make sure you also reply, and if there is a negative comment, ensure that you spend positively so that you make people know that you exist in real life. This is the best way to ensure you enhance the trust of people and increase subscribers to your channel. Follow comments and other reactions and if possible show some appreciation by thanking the fans.

Do Some Giveaways 

Giveaways are the best ways to ensure you get subscribers. These giveaways should be free but conditionally. You can even say people have to like or share the content for them to get the gift. If you do giveaways at least three times a month then you end up getting thousands of subscribers within a very short time. When these subscribers share the content you post, you get more subscribers. 


Subscribers are important to someone’s YouTube channel which is why it is important to do all things possible to get viewers. Ensure you have the best strategies to retain these subscribers as well.