Marine shipping stocks: Hot ways to diversify your portfolio

Is it worth diversifying your portfolio with assets such as shipping logistics and transport-related areas? They can surely provide a bit of a sea breeze.

Today, let’s focus on stocks in another aspect of indirectly trading commodities (energy): sea freight, maritime shipping and logistics.

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A good way to diversify the construction of your oil and gas investment portfolio is to use a variety of assets for a balanced exposure to the energy sector and its industrial components, such as the logistics and shipping industrial areas. Given that these are multinational corporations with their fleets of vessels spread all over the globe, across all the oceans, their shares would thus constitute a good way to give your portfolio some sea breeze.

Stock Watchlist

Last week, I presented a few key reasons to invest in the maritime shipping sector in the first article. Today, let’s watch some marine transportation stocks.

As usual, our stock-picks will be shared through that link to our dynamic watchlist, which will be updated from time to time, as we progress through this portfolio construction process.